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Commissions & Inquests

Royal Commissions

We represent individuals and organisations required to give evidence or otherwise participate in a Royal Commission.

Victoria’s Royal Commission Lawyers

No matter what your role in the Commission or inquest may be – you want to make sure you have the right team by your side to ensure the best outcome.

Whether you are a person of interest yourself or have been summoned as a witness in the proceedings, appearing before a commission or an inquest can be an overwhelming experience. You’re experiencing uncertainty and confusion about your role and what may be expected of you. Many people worry about doing or saying the wrong thing and accidentally triggering additional investigations or penalties. Perhaps you are deeply invested in the outcome of the inquest, which brings with it additional stress and anxiety about the proceedings.

No matter how you are involved in the inquest, it would be best to have legal counsel that will stand by you every step of the way. A partner who can advise you on what to expect and how to handle the process. You need a team who can act on your behalf, with your overall objectives in mind, and ensure your best interests are looked after.

You don’t only need a lawyer who can prepare you for the technical aspects of the proceedings. Your ideal representation through a commission or inquest is someone who can also provide you with emotional support and a network of support services that enable you to focus on your long-term goals. You need lawyers who can consider both the criminal and civil liabilities when handling your commission-related investigation or inquiry.


Committed and Passionate Royal Commission Lawyers in Melbourne & Geelong

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At Gallant Law, we’ve been providing our clients with legal advice and representation for 20 years. We have experience working on many cases where clients have faced commissions and inquests, including Royal Commissions, IBAC, ACIC, ACC, OCE and VCAT. 

Gallant Law’s Royal Commission expertise Includes:

  • Royal Commissions, IBAC, ACIC, ACC, OCE, VCAT
  • Protecting our clients’ legal rights when asked to present evidence
  • Ensuring potential criminal liability is considered alongside civil penalties
  • Preventing or minimising any consequential civil or criminal liability arising from the investigation

Through years of experience with a wide range of cases, we have developed knowledge and processes that simplify things for you and set you up for the best possible outcome. We value clear and consistent communication, and we know it goes a long way in ensuring you are prepared and comfortable with every step of the proceedings.

Gallant Law lawyers are highly experienced and well respected at commissions, with a reputation for solid persuasive arguments and well-thought legal strategies. We also have experience moderating proceedings to ensure the questions you are asked are fair and not misleading.  

Even if the inquest doesn’t initially involve a civil action or criminal charge, evidence given during these proceedings could be used against you. Being unprepared could lead to saying the wrong things or not saying something you should have and could lead to long-term consequences that may have been avoided had you partnered with the right team.

I have worked really closely with Lauren and cannot recommend her services enough. She and her team are professional, personable and kind. Gallant Law sets a really high standard for all other law firms looking to compete. Keep up the amazing work and thank you. Ines

With the uncertainty of everything else you are currently facing, you can rest easy knowing that your legal fees from us will be fixed upfront, so you know what that amount will be from day one. Beyond financial certainty, we can also provide financial aid to clients who qualify.

A successful outcome in a commission or inquest will leave you with certainty and confidence in rebuilding your personal and professional relationships. Having the right legal team on your side will help you get there.

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